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Look Your Best
The benefits of clipping include:
  • A sleek look for show season

  • It helps your horse cool down during intense exercise, especially in winter

  • Trimming legs or whole body contributes to managing skin health by keeping hair from holding moisture and dirt

  • Easier grooming

For better clipping results:
  • Before clipping, bathe horse really well before and follow with conditioner (rinse out).  Then put some baby oil in a bucket of hot water and use a rag to wipe all over the horse.  This all helps clipper blades stay cool and work optimally.  It also helps coat health and maintain color.

  • After clipping, give your horse another bath to get all the little hairs off.  Then spray their coat with apple cider vinegar.  This helps the pH of the skin back to a healthy level and protect against infection that normally follows clipping due to all the microcuts the blade can cause.  

Please have your horse bathed, clean, and dry in time for clipping. It is also recommended to bath the horse after as well. (No one wants that itchy hair all over them.)    Click here for the April 2020-June 2020 Price List. 

Clipping Art

CG Equine is excited to announce that we are now offering artwork integrated with clipping, and we will soon be featuring a gallery of our works. 

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