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We offer several resources to expand your knowlege, and add a few new tools to your horse care kit. Follow us on social media for interesting articles and tips, sign up for our newsletter, and check out our clinic information below!

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Clinics are a great way to expand your knowledge in a way that advances your bond with your horse, and your ability to help them. Clinics are more intensive, discussion based, and hands on in the learning of observation and techniques. 

Have a look at the different clinic types offered below, and contact us for more information.


Colic Sequence

Understand how massage can help prevent colic and help a horse during colic. Valuable information for any horse-person.  This does not replace veterinary medicine but can help in time critical situations while the vet is on the way. 

Basics of Massage

Understand the basics of massage therapy: how it works, the basic strokes, when to use it, and when to avoid it. But most importantly, why it's important!

Grooming Massage Series

This is a series of courses and clinics as there are several approaches to the body we can utilize during grooming.  Learn how to incorporate bodywork techniques into your grooming routine for a horse with a better body and mind. This helps the riders mind as well!


Online courses are in the works and will be available soon. Stay tuned!


It is important to share our knowledge to help provide everyone with a basic understanding of the services we offer. Click on the following articles to learn more about what is behind our services.  Each are rated on a scale from 1-3 for difficulty of reading. 

 A blog will be launched in soon. Feel free to email topics you wish for elaboration or education on at .

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