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Cara Greenacre

Cara Greenacre is an Equine Osteopath  (EDO® registered with the IREO) and the owner of CG Equine Works.  When she is not working on horses or in the office, you will find her furthering her education on functional anatomy and bodywork techniques or advancing her understanding of horse in training and biomechanic-based dressage.  She has recently joined the CSU DVM Class of 2027.


Cara often says “If you listen, the horses will answer your questions. If you are open, you will learn all you need to know.” Cara started her journey with horses at 7 years old and has not stopped learning since. 


Cara attended a Pre-Veterinary Bachelor’s program with Vet School in mind, but after learning from her own health and her equine partner at the time, she decided a different approach was needed. After searching for a few years, she has found the bodywork modalities that work with the natural corrective systems and later, Equine Osteopathy. Cara studied Equine Osteopathy through the Vluggen Institute and continues to practice her multitude of bodywork modalities.  


Cara’s main goal is to help the horse and rider progress on their journey. She is always available to help answer questions!

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