Cara Greenacre

Cara is an Equine Bodyworker who spends her spare time learning and progressing in any way she can. One thing she says repeatedly is “If you listen, the horses will answer your questions. If you are open, you will learn all you need to know.” Cara started her journey with horses at 7 years old and has not stopped learning since. She has dabbled in hunters, eventing, and ended up on Classical Dressage and Natural Horsemanship as her favorite disciplines to learn about. 


Cara attended a Pre-Veterinary Bachelor’s program with Vet School in mind, but after learning from her own health and her equine partner at the time, she decided a different approach was needed. After searching for a few years, she has found the bodywork modalities that work with the natural corrective systems. Cara is now studying Equine Osteopathy through the Vluggen Institute but continues to practice her bodywork modalities.  She has also continued to learn all she can through different trainers, hoof trimming courses, bodywork classes, and more!


Cara’s main goal is to help the horse and rider progress on their journey. She is always available to help answer questions!

Elysia Arnold

Elysia has a Master's in Horse Science from Middle Tennessee State University. Her thesis research focused on exercise physiology, measuring vertical hock displacement and aerobic exercise parameters as horses walked in varying depths of water on an underwater treadmill.  She also has a background in many disciplines including hunter/jumper, stock horse, and most recently endurance. She also enjoys working with rescue horses to prepare them for their new homes. 

Elysia is practicing Orthobionomy as her main modality of bodywork. Orthobionomy is an intuitive modality that taps into the horse’s own corrective responses allowing it to be both gentle and profound work. Elysia has also done one-on-one training with Cara Greenacre to understand how this modality fits into the Big Picture!  She is also very adept at teaching the corrective exercises.