The first part of every session is checking in with you and your horse. How has it been going? What imbalances are you noticing? Have there been any behavior changes? Then the horse is assessed using Traditional Chinese Medicine and palpating of the tissue to differentiate referred and local pain and observation of where the body looks and feels stuck both when weighted and unweighted. All of these noticings combine so we can give our recommendation on the best modalities and technologies to use. The plan is then made by the owner.

Our goal is to help your horse through mobilization and educate you on how to help your horse. The session will be finished off with a summation of my observations and continuing care that will help the horse. You will be involved with this process so you will see what I see and we can discuss anything you wish to ask about. Keep in mind the depth of my observations and recommendation on continuing care will depend on how long our session is scheduled for. The First Time Bodywork session can take between one and a half to two hours. The follow up sessions will usually take less time, depending on the need. Please make sure you schedule such that the horse can have the remainder of the day off as well as the following day off.

Contact CG Equine or one of our team members to get the Price List or estimate.


Is priced for the bodyworker you are working with. 

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)

Spot Sessions: $2/min

Full Session: $100

Discount applied for PEMF combined with bodywork. 

Clinics are tailored to the audience, so prices vary clinic to clinic as the length, content, and number of people vary. Contact for prices.

Other Fees


split between clients in an area, so try to group with people in your area

Holding Fee: $10

we strongly encourage a handler be present for safety and efficiency of the session

Cancelation policy:
$40 when cancelled within 24 hours.