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Tomball PART ONE

1 Day

3 September 2022 at 1:00:00 pm




Tomball, TX

About the Course

Integrating Bodywork into Grooming Clinic Series

Part 1, Sports Massage Techniques

Have you ever wanted to:

Understand equine anatomy and how all parts of the body are connected?

Help your horse prepare for and recover from exercise?

Optimize the time spent with your horse?

What is special about this clinic?

This is the clinic that we lay down the foundational anatomy and theory that is expanded upon in other Parts of the Course Series.

You get to:

Effectively incorporate Sports Massage Techniques into your grooming routine.

Understand why each technique works and when to use it.

Receive insights and start the warm up before you even leave the barn.


Start to talk about other topics like stretching, foam pads, and proprioceptive training.


The first part of class will be discussion based in a classroom. The second part will be hands-on. Demo horses will be provided.

Bring your own lunch.

Your Instructor

Cara Greenacre

Cara Greenacre

Cara is an Equine Bodyworker and owner of CG Equine Works, LLC. You will hear her say “If you listen, the horses will answer your questions. If you are open, you will learn all you need to know.”

Cara’s main goal is to help the horse and rider progress on their journey. She finds educating the owner, rider, and trainer to be one of the most important things she does. After all, they are the one who sees the horse day after day.

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