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Why we are excited to incorporate kinesiology taping with Equine Osteopathy!

Harnessing Equine Wellness: The Basics of Kinesiology Tape in Horses

In the realm of equine wellness, the integration of innovative modalities has become paramount to ensuring the health and performance of our four-legged companions. One such groundbreaking approach gaining traction is the use of Kinesiology Tape, a therapeutic tool designed to mimic the skin's elasticity and provide targeted stimulus to sensors under the skin and influence muscles and joints without impeding movement.

Understanding Kinesiology Tape:

Kinesiology Tape is a stretchable, adhesive tape that adheres to the skin and is applied strategically to provide fascial and neurological stimulus and facilitate the natural healing processes of the body. The tape's design is rooted in the principles of kinesiology, focusing on the study of movement and mechanics of the body.

After our osteopathy sessions, we are utilizing the kinesiology tape’s function to:

  1. continue to influence the chronic fascial strain patterns through proprioceptive input

  2. increase local fluid flow and systemic lymphatic drainage

  3. facilitate the neurologic integration of the osteopathic work

Chronic fascial strain patterns in horses involve persistent imbalances in the connective tissue surrounding muscles, bones, and organs. These strains can result from factors such as repetitive movements, poor conformation, trauma, or training imbalances. Symptoms may include stiffness, behavioral changes, and visible tension in muscles or fascia.

Directed and Continuous Proprioceptive Input:

One of the distinctive features of Kinesiology Tape is its ability to provide directed and continuous proprioceptive input. Proprioception, the sense of the relative position of one's body parts, is crucial for the coordination and control of movement. Kinesiology Tape, by gently adhering to the skin, creates a continuous feedback loop, heightening proprioceptive awareness in the area.

By offering targeted support and enhancing proprioceptive input, the tape aids in releasing tension and promoting a more balanced, mobile, and comfortable state for the horse.

Extended Benefits Beyond the Session:

One of the remarkable aspects of Kinesiology Tape is its ability to provide ongoing benefits even after the session concludes. Traditional interventions may offer relief during the session, but the continuous proprioceptive input from the tape extends the positive effects beyond the immediate treatment. Horses experience enhanced body awareness, improved circulation, and reduced inflammation, contributing to long-term well-being.

Integration with Osteopathic Work:

Cara Greenacre's use of kinesiology tape in managing chronic tension patterns highlights its synergy with osteopathic principles. Osteopathy emphasizes the interconnectedness of the body's structure and function, seeking to restore balance for optimal health. The directed and continuous proprioceptive input from kinesiology tape enhances the effectiveness of hands-on osteopathic work.

In conclusion, kinesiology taping in horses is an exciting complementary modality. Beyond its role as a supportive modality, the tape's ability to provide directed and continuous proprioceptive input sets it apart, offering extended benefits and integration with other holistic approaches. As we continue to delve into the intricacies of equine well-being, the integration of modalities and collaboration between professionals is the most promising opportunity to enhance the lives of our cherished equine companions.

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