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Balancing the Body and Mind


Our Mission

To help every horse realize mobility and comfort in their body, every horseman learn observational and interactive techniques to help their horse, and improve communication between the pair in the process.

Learn about our bodywork modalities and how we do things differently


Utilizing state of the art Pulse electromagnetic field technology with PulseEquine

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About CG Equine

The goal of CG Equine is two-fold. One is to help the horse heal and live optimally through the bodywork and technologies used. The second is to educate people on how to help their horse through their daily interactions through the communities where we share resources and the clinics where we share our knowledge. 

Our Values:  

We believe in creating a safe space for horses and humans to turn inward and advance on their internal and external journey. 

Education and uplifting through understanding and discovery is at the core of our mission. 

We believe that every horse and human should get the opportunity to achieve their best.

We must be open and guide in the best way for the individual and then see where the individual will go with it!

There is an innate mind-body connection in every being, and nurturing one without the other is futile. 

"Cara has an amazing sixth sense when it comes to discovering the root of your horses problem. She was able to locate Schokakola’s scar tissue, which multiple veterinarians and other equine professionals missed. Cara designed a rehabilitation program and maintenance plan which has brought Schokakola back to enjoying her work and training schedule. I can not thank her enough!"

Lisha Marshall - Warmblood Breeder

"Cara did work on my lease horse and it has changed so much for us. This is a large horse who carries anxious energy and tension as well as some weakness behind. Within our first two sessions I was seeing a difference in that way he carried himself and his ability to find his feet. By the third session, he was noticeably more relaxed in the arena and standing more square, as well as tracking straighter in his walk. He was able to cross over and step under himself with ease.

I’ve noticed a clear difference in his comfort and his general relaxation is so much improved. Cara is so good at explaining things is a way that I can understand as well as giving commentary on what she finds in ways that sound positive without making me feel as though my horse is broken, something I have greatly appreciated. She also rides so I feel confident that she understands my goals and what we are trying to achieve.

Me and the big guy are total fans and will recommend Cara any chance I get :) thanks for all you do for him Cara ❤️❤️ you’ve made both of our lives, and jobs!!, a lot easier!"

Jennifer Jarnigan - Breeder, Saddle fitter

"Lucy and I have worked with Cara for several months and she is my go-to for equine sports massage therapy. It is refreshing and reassuring to work with a young professional who is actively investing in every aspect of her knowledge. She is extremely knowledgeable in her main business of massage, and is constantly raising her game in riding, communicating to horse owners how they can continue her work between visits, and the biodynamics of the horse-rider interaction. I highly recommend her."

Kate Wooten - Saddle fitter

"My growing young horse has been in training for the past year. Her body and mind have changed so much for the better because of Cara's expertise and knowledge. Her astute awareness of a horse's body language has made each growth transition for my youngster more comfortable and her attitude more compliant. The overall body freedom as a result of Cara's work for Bon Batik has been amazing in helping her work stronger and more balanced, thus a Happy Horse!!"

Lee Anne Harper - Adult Amateur, Dressage 

"I attended Integrating Massage in Grooming clinic! It was fabulous and I learned a lot! Cara gave a very thorough demonstration, took her time and was patient. Her smile is welcoming and there the entire time! I am looking forward to having her continue to help me connect with my horses better and make them happier and healthier!"

Anne Titus - Adult Amateur, Dressage

"Cara was extremely thorough when she gave my mare a massage recently. I also liked that she explained what she was doing and why she was doing it as she went along. She is interested in teaching you things you can do to help you horse on a regular basis. Cara is very interested in helping our equine friends reach their potential."

Laurie Rush - Adult Amateur, Dressage
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